Pool Tile Salt Blasting

We are now offering the newest method for pool tile cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona. Pool Tile Salt Blasting is a gentle alternative to glass beads and safely removes calcium, mineral deposits, mold, algae and scale from pool waterline surfaces. Some pool tile surfaces cannot be cleaned with glass beads due to either their delicate nature or homeowner neglect. Glass tile, black tile, decorative tile and heavily calcified pool tiles can now be cleaned with fantastic results!

What is Pool Tile Salt Blasting?

This technique is much like sand blasting, however the air pressure and the media are much different. We use Kieserite, which is specially formulated for swimming pool tile. Kieserite is a natural, mined mineral salt and is shot at low pressure. When the salt hits the surface it pops and this force is what frees the calcium from the pool tile’s surface. The spent media and calcium deposits sink to the base of the pool where it will be vacuumed out. While Salt Blasting costs a little more per linear foot than glass bead, the results are definitely worth it. After the pool tile salt blasting process, your tile will look as clean as the day it was installed.

Advantages of Blasting with Kieserite?

  • 100% Non Hazardous – Safe for people, pets and plants
  • PH Neutral – Will not change your pool water chemical chemistry
  • Safe on Any Surface – Glass tile, ceramic & porcelain tile, Pebble Tec and stone
  • Water Soluble – Will not harm pool pumps or pool equipment

Can I Do it Myself?

Pool tile salt blasting is not a do-it-yourself project. Our tools and equipment are custom-made for salt blasting, and we use Kieserite for the best results. Let Deckhand Pool Care take all the mess and frustration out of cleaning and removing calcium from your swimming pool tile.


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Pool Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting or pool bead blasting is a blast process which removes calcium deposits by applying fine glass beads to a low air pressure stream which gently removes deposits. When done properly calcium can be removed without damaging the surface. It is used to clean deposits from Pebble Tec, stone and many other surfaces. It also removes embedded algae and brightens tile grout. Glass bead blasting is a safe and effective technique to completely remove the calcium and scale deposits from your back yard attraction. The results are far better than using harsh acids and chemicals which take more time and money to remove the scale.

What Are Glass Beads?

Glass beads are manufactured from lead-free, soda lime-type glass, containing no free silica that is made into preformed ball shapes. Glass beads produce a much smoother and brighter finish than angular medias. Glass bead blasting produces a clean, bright, satin finish, without damage to Pebble Tec or stone. Chemically inert and environmentally friendly, glass bead blasting is a great method for removing calcium from Pebble Tec and stone surfaces.

There are many types of media used to remove calcium deposits from a pool’s waterline. Our experience has taught us that glass beads are best when it comes to blasting Pebble Tec. Not only will glass bead blasting take a fraction of the amount of time that a pumice stone or brush will, it also does a better and more complete cleaning than any other media available for blasting Pebble Tec.

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